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Transforming Your Relationship with Life

You are so powerful. You have so much potential inside of you and it’s important that you begin to transform your relationship with your life in order to uncover and reveal the light, the love, and the power that has always lived at your core. 

We’re at the beginning of a 10 year window of time that’s going to disturb every survival-based energy in humanity. It’s important that we recognize that the upset, the overwhelm, and the stress that we are experiencing, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As empaths, and people who are sensitive, it’s important that we are empowered now to ride these waves of experience so that we are not reverting to distractions that are undermining our health, well-being, or peace of mind.  

What needs to happen is the ability to meet every experience with love. Life is presenting us with upset, drama, overwhelm and stress. How do we evolve beyond that? We’ve been conditioned to not meet our lives with love and we’ve been conditioned to meet our life from a place of fear. But, we have to get to a place where we are welcoming whatever is going on inside of us lovingly. The physical sensations and stimuli that we are responding to isn’t real. None of it is real. When you remember that you can meet whatever is going on inside of you with love, it just flows through you. 

Who you are is your unique expression of potential, your unique emanation of possibility. It’s time to begin to turn back inward to reconnect to the truth that you’ve come here to share, to reconnect with the light that lives inside of you and to empower you to navigate through this window of time. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, immediately returns you to harmony and provides you access to peace.