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You Are Enough – Trust and Surrender

“No matter where you are, you feel at home, because that feeling of home is the Divine within you.”

When you are in a state of trust and surrender, you are acknowledging that there is an organizing principle taking care of you. You are accepting the truth that reality is on your side. You are defining your human experience as one in which all that you need will come to you. The more you relax into that receiving, the faster it shows up as a physical manifestation in reality.

Surrender allows you to relinquish your personal will and align with Divine will. Trust naturally arises from within through the gradual surrendering of your individual wants.

Conscious awareness, expanded mindfulness, acceptance, alignment, and harmony are all part of the greater awakening that tells you it’s okay to release your grip. Trust and surrender are whispering to you that you can end your suffering and find peace.

When you live in a created self, life is seen as happening to you. When you step onto the path of resolution, transformation, and integration, you see life happening for you. That allows you to start to surrender, because you begin to see the hand of divine grace at work in trust and surrender your life.

As you reclaim your Essential Self, the greatest transformation of all reveals itself. Life isn’t just happening for you; life reflects as you.

There is only one awareness, one consciousness, one energy, one love. There are only blessings. There is only grace.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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