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Dynamic Enlightenment - Panache Desai Live Event Vancouver Island


LIVE In-Person Event
Dynamic Enlightenment
6-Day Destination Immersion

Vancouver Island, British Columbia
May 21 – 26, 2017

Your heart is longing for the experience of complete connection. You are the master of your life therefore it is up to you to create the space to cleanse your being and fortify your sense of connection and oneness with the Divine.

Panache invites you to embark on a journey into dynamic enlightenment, to a very special place, for a pilgrimage within that will enable you to consistently access deeper states of peace, connection and alignment with the Divine.

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Dynamic enlightenment is where enlightenment meets the natural flow of life to create a state of inner bliss that remains your vibrational set point even when the outer world is floundering.

You are a vehicle for grace. You are a portal for love and peace to express in the world. You are a unique manifestation of the Divine in this world with a unique purpose and role to play. Living in oneness and expressing that uniquely and fully is dynamic enlightenment.

This year’s Vancouver Island Destination Immersion – Dynamic Enlightenment is an unequalled journey of self-discovery. This will be a sacred Immersion like no other. You’ll be immersed in the energy for an entire 6 days as you experience never before shared energetic teachings and activations that will empower you to ascend into enlightenment.

Here’s what you can expect at this year’s Vancouver Island Immersion:

  • Sunday: During the opening session, in an energy charged setting of personal darshan or divine communion, Panache will give each participant a sacred hug of grace activation known as Paritan Shakti.
  • Monday: Each participant will individually receive the descent of Grace or a hands-on blessing known as Divya Diksha or Shaktipat. During this exchange, a powerful, dormant divine energy known by many names – such as Kundalini, The Holy Spirit, Ki, Chi, Ruach, n/um, Yesod, and Quetzalcoatl and that exists within everyone, is awakened.
  • Tuesday: Panache will share profound teachings of Shiva – the Divine Masculine and Shakti – the Divine Feminine – and give a hands-on activation that will bring both aspects within in each participant into deeper harmony and balance.
  • Wednesday: Each participant will personally receive an energy transfer that facilitates the re-alignment of the subtle body with participants’ physical, mental and emotional bodies, lovingly known as a “smackdown.”
  • Thursday: Panache will individually activate each of the chakras – energy centers located throughout the body – with each participant and facilitate a continued immersion in the sacred Shakti.
  • Friday: Each participant will receive an activation of peace and fulfillment grounded in abundance and bliss.

Join Panache on Vancouver Island, British Columbia from May 21 – 26 for his Destination Immersion – Dynamic Enlightenment and embark on the sacred path of enlightenment. Be guided to the heart of self-realization where enlightenment takes root and blossoms into its fullest expression.

Receive all that you require to live in divine realization of your sacred Self. This is your life’s purpose and the Divine’s wish for you. This is my wish for you.

Come to Vancouver Island, one of the most beautiful places in the world, from May 21 – 26 for Panache’s Destination Immersion – Dynamic Enlightenment. Join Panache for daily, hands-on activations and immerse yourself in the divine energy for 6 days.

Be fully supported as you venture into the life-altering experience of dynamic enlightenment. If your soul longs for true spiritual realization, this will be an immersion to take you to that sweet place of deep connection that resides at your core.

This dynamic advanced immersion provides:

  • Highly personalized teachings, direction to help you claim your own unique destiny and direct vibrational initiations to deliver the greatest shifts and changes possible for your life
  • Dedicated, DAILY hands-on activations and integrations that accelerate your growth into your essential luminous nature, transmute your limitations and expand your ability to meet life fearlessly
  • Inspired divine guidance to help you create your own unique practice and plan to call-in your fearless destiny
  • A depth of love and support that can only be delivered in these small group destination immersions

Panache’s intimate destination immersions are THE place to harness the energy of transformation so that you may receive the most attentive, individualized, hands-on support possible. Join Panache May 21 – 26, 2017 on Vancouver Island, BC and commit all that you are to experiencing dynamic enlightenment. Due to its limited nature, this event will sell out quickly.

Transformation in Paradise
The Parksville-Qualicum Beach area on Vancouver Island enjoys the mildest year-round climate in Canada. Enjoy golfing as well as hiking, wildlife viewing, beachcombing, relaxing and taking in the beautiful view of the Strait of Georgia and Coast Mountains. Explore the incredible old-growth forest of Cathedral Grove at McMillan Provincial Park or visit any number of the extraordary parks in the region including: Englishman River Provincial Park; Rathtrevor Provincial Park and Top Bridge Regional Park. Join Panache for six transformational days embraced in the natural splendor of this lovely coastal city and expand into all you are here to be.


• 6 days of Powerful Initiations, Integration Sessions and Energetic Accelerations with Panache beginning on Sunday, May 21st through Friday, May 26th
• Accommodations for 5 nights at the award winning Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa and full access to resort amenities
• Breakfast each morning
• A Catered Group Dinner
• A Catered Farewell Luncheon
• Free time to explore Vancouver Island on your own and visit its award-winning restaurants, shopping areas, the Grotto Spa… or just relax by the ocean
*Overnight parking and valet fees are not included


Tigh Na Mara Resort and Spa
1155 Resort Drive
Parksville, British Columbia
V9P2E3, Canada


Note: Prices are subject to change due to room type availability.

Click Here to Register for Single Occupancy: $4,149
Click Here to Register for Double Occupancy: $3,574*

*Roommate Required for Double Occupancy Rate. Price is per person.

Dual Payment Option is Available. If you choose the Dual-Payment Option, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration. The remaining balance will be automatically deducted 30 days from the initial date of purchase. The Dual-Payment Option ends on April 7th. All registrations after April 7th must be paid in full at time of registration.

Note: Airfare and transportation to and from Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa are NOT included in the Immersion Fee.

Tigh-Na-Mara is located in picturesque Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island. Parksville is situated mid-island on the east coast, just 30 minutes north of Nanaimo and 2 hours north of Victoria. Travellers can land at the Qualicum Beach Airport with KD Air and Orca Airways from YVR’s South Terminal. Connecting flights from Vancouver International also fly into the neighbouring Nanaimo Airport and Comox Valley Airport. Harbour Air Seaplanes offers flights from downtown Vancouver to downtown Nanaimo, among other routes. WestJet flies direct from Calgary and Edmonton into Comox and from Calgary to Nanaimo.

Plan your travel so you will be able to arrive, get settled and check-in to the Immersion at 6:30 PM on Sunday, May 21st. The final session will come to a close on Friday, May 26th at approximately 12:00 PM followed by a closing luncheon.

Need more information about the Vancouver Island Immersion? Looking for insight from past attendees? Looking to share a room or transportation? Click Here to visit our Vancouver Island Immersion Community Board.