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Webcast Series: Vibrational Forgiveness – 4 Part Series Bundle


Join Panache for four 60-minute sessions as he explores Vibrational Forgiveness: Mastering the Art of Letting Go!

The three most insignificant words in the English language are I forgive you. Because as long as you are vibrationally holding onto past wounds and hurts, you will never be free of them. And chances are better than good that you don’t even know that is what’s going on!

Take a moment and honestly answer these questions:
•  Have you been dwelling in the pain and sadness from the last time someone hurt your feelings?
•  Do you invest precious time and energy reliving the hurts and wounds of former relationships?
•  Are abandonments, rejections and perceived past wrongdoings robbing you of your life force?
•  Are past transgressions you have committed holding you emotionally hostage?
•  Are you sick and tired of the emotional, physical and spiritual toil all these trespasses are taking on you?

With each yes you add layers of guilt, shame, judgment, sadness and anger within your system that compromise your ability to receive all that the universe is trying to provide. Step out of the shame, the guilt, the past transgressions and the ongoing woundings that are keeping you from living your best life with this highly transformative 4-Part Livestream Series.

Part 1:  The Ultimate Act of Compassion
Part 2:  The Ultimate Act of Love
Part 3:  The Ultimate Betrayal
Part 4:  The Forgiveness Toolbox