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Webcast: What Are You Really Hungry For? – 4 Part Series Bundle

What Are You Really Hungry For?
4 Part Series Bundle


Are you struggling with issues around food?  Have you realized your career is not the vocation you truly desire? Do you feel that loving relationships have eluded you?  You have the power to liberate your unlimited possibilities, release yourself from frustration, and vibrationally revolutionize your entire being.

Panache’s 4-part livestream series embarks on a quest to break down your energetic barriers and empower the spirit you were truly meant to be.  When these paths are open, your health, vocation, and heart are used more fully in service to the Divine.  It’s time to take the journey and find your way to a clearer vibrational consciousness and fulfillment.

When searching for satisfaction, ask yourself, “What are you really hungry for?”

Part 1 – Food: “I have no self control.” Join Panache for an in depth look at why we turn to food for comfort and self-medication in times of need, sorrow, or even celebration. Food is the most socially acceptable form of narcotic and when our recreational use turns to something more intense, “just say no” is easier said than done.  Body image issues compound the problem making it increasingly difficult to break the cycle. Feel Panache’s vibrational exercises release the vice-like grip and lets the most powerful, beautiful, luminous you run free.

Part 2 – Career:  “Who am I if I don’t have this prestigious job or make this much money?” The many narratives surrounding our careers are usually prescribed by others or filtered through the lens of what others may think. Is it possible to serve a higher purpose from our office desk chair? Panache links you to a vibrational foundation of connection to source which assures us that whatever you’re doing right now is God’s vehicle to love its creation.

Part 3 – Love: “Why can’t I find a partner?” “Where’s my Prince Charming on a white steed?” When it comes to love, it’s sometimes easier to focus on the gilded frame and not the work of art inside.  In this livestream, Panache unleashes powerful vibrational attunements to open your heart and shift your current energy to one of all-encompassing love born from pure spaciousness.

Part 4 – Fulfillment:  Fulfillment is the culmination of all our needs, wants, and desires. Experience Panache’s vibrational anchorings that expand your connection to what it is that you’re really hungry for – the powerful inner connection that was forgotten but never left. That inner connection presents our true fulfillment and a wholeness far surpassing our wildest dreams. Find out what fulfillment really means and relish the joy of true satisfaction.