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What Do Softness and Vulnerability Have to Do with Power? Let Down Your Defenses and Find Out.

In Panache's latest on-line series The Sacred Union of the Sexes, Panache delivers the inside edge on where true power can be sourced. Take a look at this clip.

Ready to Face Your Shadow Masculine Energies? They Exist in All of Us. from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

The most influential, powerful, and potent energies that exist within you are your softness, vulnerability, creativity and love.

The Divine Feminine embodies every polarity from protective vigor and strength to absolute ease, elegance and intuition. It is our belief, strength and anchoring in our divine masculine that allows that divine feminine power to emerge. When we can honor and worship the power of the divine feminine and begin to commune with the sacred source of all life, we access an energy and potential that can truly transform our lives.

Do you fear that if you express your Divine Feminine qualities you’ll be attacked?  Do you feel that in showing the world your vulnerability you are less safe?  Whether you are male or female, the time has come to embrace your magnificent and mighty inner goddess and illuminate the world with your awesome fortitude and grace.

Join Panache for Part 3 of this dynamic, on-line series, The Sacred Union of the Sexes, as he empowers you to anchor true harmony and balance. This is a vibrational exploration of how embracing our Divine Feminine energy can revolutionize our life, our relationships, and the world.

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