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What is Happening in the World?

We are becoming aware of everything that is not love. On any given day we can latch onto anything that is happening in the world, and it begs the question: Why is what’s happening, happening in the world? 

It’s because people are in pain and they don’t know that they are love. Why does anybody do anything to another person? Because they are in pain. It’s not about belief, it’s because we keep excluding people from our hearts, especially the people we deem to be not worthy or deranged. We cast out those who are in pain. We alienate them, we isolate them, we ostracize them. And then we pray that the pain doesn’t explode in our lives. 

Every hand grenade that has had its pin pulled, eventually explodes. It is so important, especially now, to love everyone even more. Everyone. This whole human thing is pretty straight forward: We are trending more towards love everyday, and we do this not by excluding people from our hearts, but by including them in our love. Turning our backs on people is turning our backs on ourselves. 

Not loving another person is denying yourself love. Love. Love people. If we all start loving each other, we’ll stop shooting each other. 

What God is, is infinite love. I don’t believe in God, I experience God. You are here to love. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.