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What Is Your Worrying Really Accomplishing?

3 Ways to Turn Worry Into Wonderful

Keeping In The Sunlight

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” While looking on the bright side is key, how often do the shadows of worry creep in and dim our luminosity?

Worry thrives in darkness and grows exponentially when you’re just about to fall asleep. Suddenly, an idea pops into your head and the worrisome thoughts begin to spread throughout your brain, whipping you into frenzy.

“I’m going to fail at this job.”
“I don’t have enough money.”
“What if that pain in my back is cancer?”
“I’m going to die alone.”

Instead of mentally whirling like a dervish through the wee hours of the morning, you have a choice. Is it possible that worry could actually ignite a flame and move you forward – shifting your vibrational energy from doubt and anxiety to calm and harmony? Could your propensity toward worrying be used as vibrational Ambien?

Here are three ways to make peace with worry, put a halt to the creeping panic, and illuminate your path.

Perform A Reality Check

Worry robs us of our rational ability to reason and keeps us from thinking clearly in the moment. Take a minute and honestly assess the reality of the situation that’s troubling you. You have a pain in your stomach. Do you really think you have cancer even though you have no family history and you ate a giant burrito with hot sauce for dinner?  Calm your mind and think it through.  If the pain is still there tomorrow then of course talk to your doctor but until then, breathe, write it off as a bad meal choice, and consider how adopting healthier habits could help alleviate your well-being concerns.

Realize All Worry Is Not Created Equal

Not all worries that run through your mind are so far-fetched. You may be confronted with some hard cold questions like “What if I get let go at work” and feel that by worrying, you’ll will be able to get ahead of the game, eliminate surprise, and emerge from the dark.  While the worry itself won’t give you the answer, the fret can be a stepping stone to helping you find solutions. Take a step back and recognize that you can shift your vibrational energy away from the “what if” fear and toward preparing an actionable strategy.  Your mind will ease, leaving you to calmly focus on a solid Plan B and help lift the anxiety around the problem.

Trust and Let Go

Worry itself doesn’t solve or fix anything. What it does do is keep you from your clarity and deprives you of living in the present moment. Worry often only summons more turmoil and doesn’t change what will happen to you tomorrow, next week, next year, or in your old age.There comes a time when we just have to accept that we don’t know what will happen in the future and while we like to be prepared for emergencies, some things are out of our control.  Worry is wasted energy – energy that can be spent productively living our wonderful lives and not stuck spinning our wheels.

Sure the unknown can be scary at times but when we let go and trust in our limitless abundance and divine path, it’s much easier to keep in the sunlight.