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Why You Can’t Stop Eating

Be encouraged and know that you’re not alone in your struggle with food. I myself have struggled with emotional eating. It’s been a journey of discovery and learning how to regain balance and well-being in my life, for my own sake and for everyone’s around me.

You can change your eating habits no matter how ingrained they are, and when you get to the root of the issue, you’ll experience a profound sense of liberation.

In order to make a change, you first have to make a decision to transform, to commit, and to do yourself and those around you a huge favor by taking personal responsibility for your well-being.

In this video, discover how you can:

  • Change your eating habits and reset your body for success…
  • Lose weight and stop holding yourself back from what you deserve…
  • Create lasting lifestyle shifts that will support you in creating well-being on all levels…

Be empowered to take back your health, vitality, and your total well-being and make the choice to change your life.


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Why You Can’t Stop Eating

I, like countless of individuals around the world, have struggled with my weight. No matter what I do, no matter what diet I try or what exercise plan I get on for some reason I can’t back to that svelte skinny bone structured honed physique that I once had when I was 18 years old.

It remains ever allusive and I know for many of you, your struggle with weight has become a source of suffering or guilt or shame as it has for me.

I’ve discovered, my beloved friends, that in order to make a change in our lives, we must make a decision.

At a certain point my life was confronted by crisis and calamity. My daughter Celeste was born with a heart condition that required surgical intervention over and over again. In that, I was shown very clearly how precious life really is and as a result of that she provided me the courage and inspiration required to do something differently, to make a change.

I subsequently decided to commit fully to a health and wellness regime because I’d realized that in my service of humanity and that in my service of all of those around me, I’d forgotten to take care of myself, something that we all forget to do, something that of course has become the deep source of sadness within us all.

We must learn at a certain point that it is up to us to make the change and it is my deepest wish that you don’t wait for death or crisis or calamity to visit you before you make that shift.

Right now in this moment, know that I love you, and as someone who struggles along with you, you are not alone and that actually our struggle is more common today than any other time before, emotional eating, eating that’s rooted in stress, eating of foods simply that provides comfort, eating as a distraction has become commonplace.

Our food is filled with sugar and all kinds of things, quite honestly, that don’t further our well being and it’s for that reason that together hand in hand we must begin to walk ourselves home.

And so here’s what made the difference for me. I decided that I needed a reset. I needed to do something that interrupted my regular pattern of eating and so I decided much to my family’s amazement to go on a 21 day cleanse and to follow this cleanse diligently and a cleanse is very different than a diet. A cleanse allowed me to reset my body’s chemistry, reset my palate and reset my portions because it wasn’t just what I was eating it was the sheer volume and scale of what I was consuming that was the issue. That coupled with a lack of physical activity was making for a recipe for absolute disaster in my late thirties.

My sweet friends, it’s never too late to hit the reset button and I invite you in this moment to do a cleanse. Find something that supports you in hitting the reset button. Speak to your doctor. Find a solution that resonates with you, with your body type. Be determined.

Express a decision to know yourself as health and well being because I’ve discovered that every great breakthrough that I’ve had in life was born of a decision.

Along with my decision to take part in this cleanse, I also made the decision to wake up at 5 AM every morning and workout, something that rendered my wife Jan in an absolute state of shock. I went from this stagnant Panda that would eat everything on my plate to all of a sudden being on a cleanse and working out every single day.

My sweet friends, I got to a point in my life where I was tired of being heavy and I was tired of not having any energy.

I’d gotten to a point where I was tired of not being able to play with my kids.

I want you now in this moment to decide to live, to decide to lose weight and decide to be all that you are because you are worth that decision, you are worth that commitment; you’re worth that investment.

Your longevity is a requirement because the light that lives within you is necessary and I know it’s hard, and I know it flies in the face of everything that’s convenient and everything that’s easy but all that’s required is a decision.

A decision that I everyday make along with you to know myself as a healthier and fitter version of me so that I can be that for myself, my family, my wife, my kids and this community. We can get through it together.

There isn’t anything that we can’t overcome and it is for this reason that I’m asking you with all of the love in my heart to join me in this decision to be healthy, to be vibrant, to be flexible and most importantly of all to understand that it’s never too late regardless of where you are in your health and regardless of where you’ve gotten to, don’t worry, it’s never too late.

All that’s required is your decision. All that’s required is your commitment and just as the grace and the support showed up in my life to make that shift, it will also show up in yours.

You don’t have to perpetuate the same habits and patterns over and over again. You can in any moment create a conscious pattern and a conscious behavior that has the ability to transform your life.

I’m happy to say that my struggle with my weight is no longer a struggle. That everyday it’s a decision. Everyday it’s a lifestyle choice and that I am more committed than ever before to live a life that is vibrant, that is youthful, that is energetic so that I can reclaim as close to possible my 18 year old svelte healthy, vibrant state once more. Join me. Know that I love you. Know that we will do it together and that you have my full support.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.