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Why You Should Follow Your Heart

You’ve read the books, done the seminars, completed the workshops, and have had experiences, even if they were momentary. But, at some point, you have to fully go all in on what you believe and what you know. You are an independent unit of divine expression in this world and it’s all about you complying with the wisdom and knowledge that resides at the level of your own heart. 

The more that people demonstrate the courage to follow their hearts, the more the end result is happiness! It’s amazing how there’s that correlation between following your heart and being happy – doing what you love doing, and being happy, having the courage to pursue your passion, and being happy. It is incredible how over and over and over again, I am hearing, witnessing, and experiencing people who have the courage to break free of the norm and live fully from their hearts. 

It doesn’t require a super power or a cape, and you don’t have to be a part of the Marvel Universe in order to have the courage to break free of the norm. You just have to finally trust in yourself and trust in life. And it’s incredible, especially in spirituality, because there are so many pointers, guides, messengers and material that points to this truth and validates it on both an intellectual level and scientifically. 

What would happen today if you had the courage to just jump into the unknown, to leave behind your fear, to tap into the love that dwells within you and allow that to be your north star? Where will your north star lead you? Where is it going to guide you today? I want you to find out. I want you to as much as possible, to source every choice and decision from your heart, from the essence of who you are, from the love that you are. Your heart is your direct line to the Divine. 

A life lived from the heart is a life well lived!

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.