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You Are an Answer, Not a Problem

We need to talk. 

I know that running around, having people buy into your limitations, or even you buying into your limitations has been your way of fitting in. Why? Because everyone around you is suffering and this is how you find a way to belong.  

I see you beyond these limitations and I see you as love. Who you really are is light beyond description, the most beautiful golden sensitizing light you’ve ever seen, emanating out of all that you are in every direction. What you represent on this planet is a unique possibility and potential that only you can fulfill. 

You are at a crossroads of either continuing to pretend that you are limited, that you are a problem, and, either you’re going to apologize for your presence on this planet, or you are going to finally allow today to be the day to accept who you are, accept what dwells within you and set yourself free. 

The western world has been engaged in personal and spiritual development for over 70 years or more. At some point, we have to have the courage to know what we know and begin to embody and live everything that we have been told by every great human being throughout human history. They have all said the same thing: 1) God loves you. This is a universal message, 2) Where you are God is –  another universal message, and, 3) God is love. Therefore, you are love – a universal message. 

Every being from every tradition and every religion and path, has shared the same thing, from revelation, from their direct experience. How is it that anyone that truly and profoundly experiences this revelation with the divine, experiences the same thing?  It must be the truth. What does this truth mean about you? 

What that means is you are love, you are light. You are an infinite being.  

Today is the day we stop denying the truth of who we are. Today’s the day we stop apologizing for being ourselves and we stop making ourselves wrong. You are not a problem, you are not a burden. You are an answer, a solution and a blessing. What you’ve gone through in your life does not define you. In any moment you can accept who you are and set yourself free.  May now be that moment. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, connects you to the truth that you are love, that you are light and that you are an infinite being in every way.