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You Are Enough – An Introduction

Do You Choose Safety over authenticity? Most of us do. For many years I did the same – I ran from my natural gifts and pursued a path that was not my own. I was in the heart of the club scene in the underground of East London with drugs, gangs, loud music, and notoriety all becoming a part of my life at that time.

For years, I pushed my true self deeper and deeper down, creating a vacuum of emptiness – a black hole within me. I constantly put myself in the path of danger to dull the pain and unhappiness that festered inside of me, until one night, when a near death experience jolted me from my insatiable desire to fit in, and changed the course of my life forever. 

I finally drew a line in the sand. From that point on, I refused to live by anyone else’s terms but my own. I realized my life literally depended on it.

I was now intent on rediscovering the peace and spirituality of my childhood. While other kids in London’s East End were busy watching cartoons and playing with their friends, I spent every moment I could with my grandmother…surrounded by soft lights and incense in her meditation room. I decided to embrace my differences and sought to understand and develop my gifts…those differences and gifts that I first saw in my time with my grandmother as a child.

The universe has a knack for getting us to course-correct when we stray from our purpose…though the wake-up call is rarely a gentle one.  That’s when it hits you. That’s when you finally decide that enough is enough. And your search begins. . . 

But even through all of your searching, you still haven’t found your true purpose and your life lacks meaning you so desperately want to feel in your soul. I see this cycle all the time in the people who come to see me to see what’s been missing in their lives. We’re given all the information of what to do…but we’re not able to embody and express the potential that we know is available to us because we haven’t dealt with the root cause of what keeps us disconnected from our power. 

That’s what inspired me to write my new book You Are Enough. This book is the bridge that will take you from simply realizing what it takes to have true meaning and fulfillment in your life…to actually seizing it and implementing it at your very core so that it’s the only way you can be.

It becomes part of you and you no longer need to chase after it.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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