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You Are Enough – Awareness

“When you start to be present for yourself and feel what there is to feel to completion, you begin to embody higher frequencies, and you become lighter, freer, and more at peace.”

For too long, you have been frenetically racing around to mend a self that you believed was broken. You’ve read countless self-­help books, talked through your issues numerous times, and completed a slew of workshops. But most of this was focused on changing your thoughts or building up an impressive repertoire of nice spiritual concepts. The process we are discussing is an experience of energy changes within you. It is less about knowledge and more about living in connection with your authentic self in each moment.

At first, it can be hard to just be with yourself, as you are awash in internal discomfort. You are so trained to get somewhere, to have or create a point for everything. You are a professional human “doing,” programmed for high performance, low maintenance, and fast delivery.

Any emotion that you resist or judge creates heaviness in your system. You don’t resist happiness; you resist fear or sadness. You see, it is what you do with that energy that matters. Do you resist the energy of anger? Do you reject that shame? Do you think that guilt and fear are who you are and move into self-­judgment?

To do this work, you must know that you are absolutely worthy of your own attention at any point in time. You need to learn a new way of approaching your life, one awareness that does not depend on the highs of special events and momentary indulgences, but one that is rooted in the possibility of the present moment.

Your path to conscious awareness requires acceptance and nonjudgmental compassionate observation of your emotional content.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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