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You Are Enough – Flexibility

Life will always challenge you in order to bring you from rigidity to flexibility, from control to allowing.

When you relate to life too rigidly, the first hardship that blows in your direction will leave you flat. It is for that reason that the most powerful, life-­giving posture you can take is one of inner flexibility.

When you are rooted in the Essential Self, when you have trust that everything is unfolding in divine order, the need to force the circumstances of your life into a predetermined outcome, like a square peg into a round hole, simply evaporates.

Rigidity and grasping for control are not in alignment with the unrelenting flow of life, which is always moving toward expansion and evolution. Life will always challenge your preconceived notions about how things should be. This challenge is part of your evolution. When life sees rigidity, it only wants to flow, gracefully and smoothly. When life sees you grasping for control, it only wants you to be in a stream of receiving and allowing.

Someone who remains like flowing water, who doesn’t have an attachment to set outcomes, has a greater capacity to remain peaceful and balanced. That person is like a stream that makes its way seamlessly around the rocks, logs, and bends.

Becoming aware when you are being triggered allows you to choose inner flexibility. Lean into the totality of your experience. Release whatever emotional density is being revealed. Allow it to leave. Your circumstances, no matter how uncomfortable, are no mistake.

When you disrupt your reactive patterns by cultivating inner flexibility, you can approach life from a place of neutral observation. Then, when you act from a place of connection and flow rather than contraction and ego, your actions will have a greater, more aligned effect.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperONE. 

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