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You Are Enough -Your Core Wounding

Your core wounding is separation from self-­love, which results in deep feelings of unworthiness. The healing of that wounding is a journey back to your Essential Self..

The details are inconsequential. in fact, you may not even remember what happened. What is important is that there was some pivotal juncture in your formative years when you first realized that your Essential Self did not fit into the conditioning of the world into which you were born. It was a moment of emotional torment and upheaval, imprinted on your being like a vibrational energetic tattoo. You were not safe.

Simultaneously with that event, a deep sense of unworthiness entered your vibrational sphere and became cemented in place by shame and guilt.

In order to begin the journey, you have to turn and face this unworthiness. The thorn can only be removed by finding and facing it, acknowledging its power over you, however brief. What you have been doing is looking away from your core wounding, distracting yourself by making more money, changing relationships, focusing on “self-­improvement,” instead of creating an inner focus on the one thing that really needs your attention and can make the difference.

Freedom comes from giving that feeling your conscious attention, without judgment. Your will-ingness to surrender to the feeling of unworthiness, un-lovability, or not being enough is the crack that allows grace to enter.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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