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You Are The Magic

Most of you that are healers think that you need to use a modality until you remember that you are the magic. Once you understand that you are the magic, you’re free and you don’t need the wand anymore, or to twitch your nose, or blink your eyes. You don’t have to repeat any phrases or mantras, you just show up in your spectacular self and you bring your own magic to the party. 

Life becomes so much simpler when you know who you are. At some point you have to acknowledge the magic in you and you have to realize that that five year old inside of you is the magic.  When you resolve your inner conflict with your inner-child, and your inner-child feels safe, and you’re back to being child-like again, you’re free. 

Being child-like is returning to your pre-programmed, pre-conditioned self. It’s getting back to raw curiosity, pure joy, and enthusiasm. The more you realize that you are not defined by anything that is happening, the more you realize that you have the capacity to tap into your beautiful inner-child. When you connect from the beautiful being that you have in you, you’re free because that is where the magic is. 

Your inner-child becomes your healer. Your inner-child becomes your inspiration and source of creation. The whole point of any spiritual practice is to cultivate your inner-child, that part of you that isn’t stressed out or overwhelmed. Our power resides in the aspects of ourselves that we haven’t turned and faced. 

The whole point of any spiritual practice is to cultivate a light-heartedness, a playfulness, to connect with that beautiful sweet inner-child that dwells within you and is the source of all the magic in your life. If there was really a point of reference for what the soul is, without limiting the expansive experience of light, I would say that it’s the happy, healthy, and whole inner-child – the radiant and luminous inner-child. 

When we look at transformation, we realize it’s about helping that beautiful, sweet being that dwells within us to feel loved, safe, appreciated and nurtured. Transformation then, becomes the byproduct of you loving, appreciating and nurturing yourself. The more we are able to end the resistance to being ourselves, and simply live from our hearts, abide in our truths as we are, and step out of the rigidity, conformity and superficiality that we are asked to live inside of every day, we discover our super power. 

Lightheartedness is a sign of awakening.  You are either going to leave this planet with a smile on your face, or you’re going to be one of those selfies, who takes everything seriously . . . it’s up to you. The good news is, it’s not too late. 

Light heartedness, joy, playfulness, and curiosity are the root causes of innovation. That’s the source of your magic, the awe, the reason you wake up in the morning. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a joyful living meditation.