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Your Evolutionary Role and Purpose

Every single one of you has had a past life or multiple past lives centered around ascension and evolution. We access all of the potential that we have connected with through every incarnation, every prior incarnation. That’s why you’re good at certain things. That’s why you are gifted in the way that you are. And, it’s why when you learn things like healing modalities, or you take classes on mediumship, or you begin to dive into the esoteric world, you excel at it. 

It’s not an accident that you excel at it. Some of you are even better than your teachers because you are a natural at it because it’s who you’ve been before. So at some point, you have to understand that who and what you are is an oracle. And an oracle is an individual that brings light energy and information into this reality. 

In bringing light energy and information into this reality, you have an evolutionary role and purpose to help people navigate their way through their limitations and their fears. You catalyze awakening. That is your purpose. That’s why you’re here. Most of you have been doing it unconsciously, and you know things about people that you don’t know how you know, and that’s why you dismiss it. But I want you to have the courage to know these things. What’s the point of having an evolutionary timeline if we’re not going to tap into all of the potential and evolutionary power that resides there?

In order to align with the power in a greater way than we ever could before, some of you have to get over this reluctant messenger. This is where some of you have to get over this fear of stepping into who you are to be. You’re not a singular expression that is born and that dies. You are an infinite continuum of energy. You are the sum total of everything that has come before, and you’re not remembering. 

You’re not learning, you’re recalling. Remove the veil between the unconscious, the conscious and the subconscious. 

There is an infinite wellspring of information, light and energy at the level of your soul, that is just waiting for you to uncover access and utilize it for the upliftment of us all. And it’s time to begin to shift our perception away from just being the singular entity that navigates its way through a linear time and space into being this infinite continuum that evolves, expands. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation.