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Your Never Ending Truth

Even though presence is becoming an experience and reality for so many people, there are still many points of resistance or rejection.

Another entry point into the truth is that the absolute nature of reality, meaning the total truth about life, is that you are an infinite presence. You are infinite energy.  Even though this is the truth, the never ending truth or foundation of who you are, many of you are resisting it. 

Here is the main point of resistance you may be experiencing:

First is God. Some of you were raised in a framework where God was angry, punitive, rathful, and is going to strike you down. And in this framework, you believed that actions could affect who you are at the level of our soul. This ideology or framework, or belief system is totally incorrect. If God is anything, then God is an infinite ocean of energy.  And, who YOU are is an infinite presence, infinite energy. 

This belief system you have about God, keeps you disconnected  from yourself, because God remains a form rather than an internal experience. This is why when the eastern mystics and yogis made their way to the west and began to share their way of connection it was so revolutionary. People went from being sinners, unworthy and condemned, to feeling the presence of God in their own bodies. 

The conditioning, the narrative, and the belief systems have been thick in the way that it’s been delivered because it’s delivered with so much enthusiasm. What bolsters it in place is guilt and shame. 

It’s time to realize that this Infinite Presence that is God, this infinite ocean of energy, is who you are. God is an inner experience. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.