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2019 Optimal Acceleration Program - The Heart of Compassion

2019 Optimal Acceleration Program

A Yearlong Program
2019 Optimal Acceleration Program
Begins January 1, 2019
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OAP 2019 is about a possibility made real.

You have experienced some peak moments, some moments of joy and connection, but now it’s time to make those moments your permanent experience. Oneness can become your reality all the time and in all circumstances, independent of what is happening in your life, because it is your Self, your natural state of awareness.

The first impulse of divinity into creation is light – divine radiance. This divine light is at the core of who you are. It is the divine made manifest as you. It is time to completely and permanently live in the oneness of your divine light and fully offer this Radical Inner Radiance to the world.

OAP 2019 is your commitment to your enlightenment, your realization, your illumination and your recognition. It is your connection to the power of transformation that can reveal and establish you in your radical inner radiance – but it goes further. It allows you to be the vehicle for that radiance in this world – to be grace flowing into this world.

Please join me for OAP 2019 and make this your reality.

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2019 Optimal Acceleration Program – Level 1 $2,995
2019 Optimal Acceleration Program – Level 2 $7,495
2019 Optimal Acceleration Program – Level 3 $19,495

Please note: Each year, Panache makes a personal, professional, energetic and time commitment to the OAP program. He is steadfast in his promise to deliver the performance and effect of each year’s focus and uses every means possible to do so. In choosing to join him on this journey, you too are committing fully to your enlightenment, to your evolution and to expressing your authentic self fully in the world.

Since the programming in OAP 2019 is sequential – with each element building on the last, there will be no opportunity for a refund for the program once it begins January 1st. Your full commitment to the completion of the program is required – and appreciated. If you have any questions, please email to Here is to fully accessing and expressing your radical inner radiance!