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3 Pillars of Transformation - Free Online Seminar

The 3 pillars of transformation

Free Online Seminar
The 3 pillars of transformation

Transformation is a process that liberates you from all limitations. It frees you from resistance and allows you to live in your authentic Self.

There are 3 pillars that uphold transformation and the unfolding of enlightenment; Activation, Experience and Understanding. Combined, they produce the most powerful up-leveling of vibrational frequency and the expansion of your state of consciousness.

The 3 Pillars of Transformation lays out the core requirements to profoundly manifest the energy capable of achieving real transformation and achieving the ultimate goal in your life.

This free teaching will prepare you for the advanced week-long master course; Life Force.

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Life Force

Embark on a vibrational journey
unlike any other.

There is a power that is responsible for revealing the Self, for revealing oneness. That power created the universe, created your mind and will unveil your divinity.

Life Force is an advanced, week-long journey into that power. Life Force is a profound experience of the creative and revealing power of the divine.

This course reveals the sacred knowledge of creation, the mind and enlightenment that has been passed for centuries, from teacher to teacher.