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3 Ways To Find More Joy This Holiday

While the commercialism of the holidays would like you to believe that your days will always be merry and bright, the candy cane forests and winter wonderlands can also be an emotional minefield. The expectations and people pleasing is at its zenith and if you’re spending the holidays without a much desired partner, the glitter and snowflakes feel more like salt in the wound.

We can be blinded by the glitz of holiday hoopla but it has very little to do with the true meaning of the holidays. While you’re looking up eggnog recipes on Pinterest or trying to avoid the melee altogether, everything is leading you to experience and embody love of the highest order. It’s time to make your list, check it twice and be your own holiday miracle.  Here are three ways to cut through the fairytales and emanate love every day of the year.


‘Tis the season to nurture and re-prioritize the most important relationship of all—your relationship with yourself. Love starts with you and it ends with you. It is not in the hands of someone else. The energy of love that you resonate is sourced by a wellspring of peace, goodness and light within you, no matter your past, your perceived missteps, or your heartbreak. In the season of giving, cherish, love, and forgive yourself first. You have the power to flip on your magnificent twinkle lights and fully ignite your radiance.


When you begin to feel your self-love expanding, give the gift of your heart. Make it your purpose during the season to give away as much of your love and joy as you can. Build up your reserves and resonate vibrationally as unconditional love – a love that is all-inclusive and all encompassing. Consider yourself an “energy elf” and share the bountiful love that you are.


The truth is you are already the perfect embodiment of love. It is already who you are deep within. The sparkly things that represent love are nothing compared to the true light and luminosity that lives inside you right this very moment. It is pure, authentic, golden liquid love. You only need to remember your brilliance and perfection and live it as the moment-to-moment experience of your life and you will be living the spirit of the holidays every day of the year.

Where you are… love is. Where you are… love has always been. And where you are… love will always be.

In the series, Returning To Love, Panache takes you on a 3-part vibrational journey into the heart of love. Are you ready to receive the signs pointing you back to the deepest truth about love? Isn’t it time to stop hedging your bets on someone or something outside of yourself? Now is the time to start loving the person that you are always. Perfect. Resplendent. Divinely blessed. This could be the greatest “conscious” gift you give yourself.