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5 Reasons We Procrastinate

Why We Put Off To Tomorrow What Would Bring Us Joy Today

Here’s the scene. You sit down to work on a project that’s near and dear to your heart. Putting together the skeleton of your first business plan, writing the first pages of your mystery novel, or looking at the stretched blank canvas that will soon be your masterpiece. Excitement abounds…initially. And then something shifts. Your head fills with the stuff of distraction… “I need to check my Facebook page.” “I have to put the laundry away.” “I really should go to the grocery store before it closes in 6 hours.”

When faced with a golden opportunity to express our truth, our joy, our unique soul signature, why do we sprint the other way?

While you may feel momentary relief by heading to Pinterest instead of preparing for that important work meeting, procrastination itself actually causes a great deal of pain. Think about it? How many hours have you spent torturing yourself about doing taxes instead of actually doing your taxes? Here are the five reasons we procrastinate and one way to kick the habit of postponing our brilliance.

1. It’s not the right time
Often we feel if the circumstances are not optimal, we can’t begin following our dream.  “There’s not enough money right now.” “I don’t have the tools, equipment, supplies.” “My day job is really crazy right now.”  The fact is, “the perfect time” is an extremely rare bird and often flies by completely by accident.

2. It doesn’t fit anymore
You may be putting off renovating your home, writing a screenplay, or taking your pottery wheel out of storage because those old passions no longer interest you. It’s okay to let go of dreams that don’t fit who you are anymore so you can make room what lights you up now.

3. It’s uncomfortable
Facing new challenges, no matter how excited we are about them, takes us out of our comfort zone and can make us uneasy. This discomfort makes what we thought was going to be a joy, a daunting task or even worse, a chore.

4. It’s self-sabotage
If you feel you’re not worthy, you’re going to procrastinate. You sabotage your efforts because deep down you don’t think your dreams or aspirations can ever come true.

5. It’s fear
You may beat yourself up over procrastinating and label yourself as “lazy.” Procrastination is not about laziness. It’s about fear. “Lazy” people are scared people. Fear is the true reason we put our heart’s desires on the back burner. We do it because when we decide to take the leap into greatness (and the great unknown) it’s terrifying. We’re afraid to be vulnerable especially with something so precious and sacred as our soul signature. We’re like a little kid standing on a diving board for the first time. It may take a few tries to walk to the edge but eventually we know we have to jump.

Procrastination is a habit that can severely hamstring our life if we let it. If we buy into our mental conversations about not being good enough or worthy, we rob ourselves of precious time, energy, and self-love. When we become aware of our unworthiness, the shame and guilt around it is exposed and the need to procrastinate falls away.  

Eventually you get tired of your own excuses. You grow weary of living a limited life and draw on the one thing that always resides within you – your inner strength and power. Your commitment to living a life of abundance, purpose, self-love and joy allows discomfort and fear to flow through you and not weigh you down.

Though it may be difficult at times, heed the words of Thomas Jefferson – “Never put off to tomorrow what can be done today.”

Your luminous soul signature will thank you for it.