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A Yearning For Stillness

Spontaneous Soulfulness

Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. -Hermann Hesse

The year 2014 is going to be a year of immense expansion. I can feel it.  There’s an excitement and anticipation filling the air. And in a time of great expansion there is a need for great preparation.

Something remarkable has been happening every single day since the beginning of this year: I’m being powerfully drawn into stillness. This yearning has become more profound and pronounced than anything else as I am compelled on a daily basis to retreat to a quiet place, sit and be still. I’m not trying to meditate. It’s happening smoothly and spontaneously as a part of everyday life.

Like thirst or hunger, my body’s sending a signal to me that I need this time for myself. Meditation for some is about reaching a perceived goal but for me, it is the observation and consciousness of myself. No objective, no destination, just resting in the awareness of me. When I sit down and open my palms, I’m fully available – to emotions, visuals, breath, the present moment – whatever is coming to me. I sit connected and communing with my deepest core essence with a willingness to receive and grace does the rest. It is a simple, beautiful and powerful ritual – to be available and open to everything that’s happening around and inside me.

But meditation is more than a practice. It’s a way of life that is all encompassing and all inclusive. Your willingness to be still opens you up to grace and spontaneous expressions of incredible soulfulness. No matter what’s happening in your life, in the midst of all that’s unfolding, you can access the awareness of your breath from your soul and spirit. Do it whenever you can – while driving, working, cooking dinner – whenever. Resting in the awareness of your breath not only allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment and savor the connection to spirit but it also makes life a resplendent living meditation.

Sharing my experience is an open invitation for you to surrender to all that 2014 has to offer. Prepare yourself for expansion and cultivate a place of conscious receptivity so you can make the most of the possibilities and opportunities that are arising in this year of awesome increase. Your stillness and connection is where your real journey begins and ends. It’s in the silence where you hear your soul’s voice. It’s the greatest gift there is and is the path of love that always leads you home.

Be still and prepare. An amazing year of power and possibility lies ahead.