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Changing The Darkness Into Light

You are here to feel. You are here to bring into completion everything that every human being before you that did not have the courage to resolve or complete. 

Your purpose on this planet is to embrace everything within you that needs to be embraced. By liberating your personal vibration and frequency, you become one less place in the world that perpetuates separation. The reason you are so sensitive, and so deeply empathic, is because you are here to feel, not just on behalf of yourself, but on behalf of a planet of people who have yet to remember who they really are. 

Your role here is to give up the need to understand what’s happening and to just simply be available, to feel what there is to feel within you. Recognizing that every time you are feeling an emotion, you are setting humanity free. Every time you are thinking, you are setting humanity free. Every time you’re examining a belief or a story, you are setting humanity free. 

You matter more than you know. Your courage to fully be here and to fully experience every single thing that’s going on, is going to support you in evolving into your highest expression.  Give up the need to understand, and recognize that an entire planet’s pain body is being processed through you. Humanity must be freed of every heavy and dense emotion so that we can evolve into the fullness of who we are here to be. 

You are a conduit, a vessel, and the vehicle through which humanity and our beautiful planet is evolving. You are a divinely placed acupuncture needle that is liberating, the trapped energy, and that is replenishing the collective with life force energy. Your freedom to feel both the light and the dark and remain at peace brings freedom to us all.

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.