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Dating After Divorce

Do you ever really feel ready to start dating again after the end of a long term relationship? It is possible when you’ve done the inner work necessary to create so much love for yourself that even if things don’t work out you’ll still feel complete and confident.

Your past relationship has so much to teach you about yourself. The time it takes to integrate everything you need to learn is different for everyone.

Explore how you can gain these profound insights with grace and awaken to the love you’ve always dreamt of.

In this video, discover how you can…

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself so that you can experience true self-love before heading into a new relationship
  • Feel totally comfortable when the time comes to open your heart again
  • Realize that you are worthy of love and the more you love yourself the more this realization will come to life

Go within and trust that the more you work on loving yourself, the easier it will be to know when the time is right to open yourself to the possibility of loving another.

Watch the video below to learn how:



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Dating After Divorce

When is it okay to start dating again?

Hi Sweet Friends! Here you are post-divorce, post relationship breakup and now you’re wondering when is okay for me to start dating again?

For most of you, that is the pivotal question. At what point is it okay for me to give myself permission again to dare greatly and to put myself out there; to be vulnerable enough to allow another person into my life once more?

The answer, of course, is you are ready once you’ve taken the time to address everything that you have to inside of you.

That ultimately there is a period of integration that we must go through in order to make sure that we don’t continue to repeat the same cycles and same choices over and over again.

The more we abide in this exploration and the more post-divorce or post relationship we remain open to our own evolution and growth, the faster I feel we are prepared and ready to embark on a journey of intimacy again.

This question leads to you growing into the answer and sometimes people feel as though post-divorce or post breakup that they are never going to be in relationship again that in some way, they’re deficient, that in some way they’re not good enough, that it’s their fault that the relationship ended in the way that it did and that they are in some way damaged goods and I just want you to know that isn’t true.

I know from my own experience that often when relationships have ended, I felt as though it was time to really look at what prompted me to make the choices that I had made, to bring the unconscious into my conscious awareness and I know in that same way many of you are embarking on the same journey of… now that I’m in this place and I’ve lived out what I’ve lived out with the awareness that I’ve had, what else is available to me?

What else can open up to me?

How else can I show up in life as it pertains to relationship and intimacy?

The more you remain in this place of curiosity, the more you begin to shorten the distance between unconscious choosing and conscious choice, the more you’re able to consciously create or bring into being a relationship that reflects harmony and alignment for you.

The end result of it is the degree to which you are able to put yourself under the microscope, the degree to which you are able to expand your energy to allow it to radiate forth from you in a dynamic way; that, for some people takes time for others the more honest they are and the more resolved they are, the faster it comes into being.

And so give yourself the space to determine when you are ready. Being in relationship involves a lot of risks. The risk of rejection, the risk of betrayal, the risk of abandonment, the risk of heartbreak, putting yourself out there requires courage and the more you are resolved in who you are and the more you are inclusive within yourself, within the love that you have in your own heart, the more you’re able to be empowered in the midst of whatever comes. At that point, come what may, you are open to be loved and simply loving in return.

And so take the time, my beloved friends, to go through the necessary evolutionary steps and milestones that you have to go through to elevate your vibration to shift your point of attraction and to move you into a place where you can begin to bring into being a relationship that reflects really what’s in your heart, that allows you to align with your deepest desire and that serves in moving you toward a harmonious way of being in the world, one in which love becomes the reason and the cause itself.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.