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Free Masterclass: Meditation Simplified

Free Online Masterclass
Meditation Simplified

You Know Meditation is Good for You, So Why Don’t You Do It? Imagine you’re on a diet. You soon realize that if you don’t want to wallow in degustatory despair for the next few months, you need to find some tasty healthy recipes that you enjoy.

It might sound strange, but it’s the same with meditation. If you don’t have a recipe that works, you’re not going to enjoy the process or the outcome. You’ll fall off the wagon, no matter how hard you try.

If you’ve tried meditating in the past and given up because it felt pointless–you’re in the right place.

Meditation Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

What if meditation actually felt really good? What if it was something you looked forward to and could use as a way to destress and deepen your connection to something greater than yourself?

Here’s what you’ll learn during my free masterclass Meditation Simplified:

  • The keys to a natural and effortless meditation practice…
  • A solution to stress and overwhelm…
  • One step to improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being…

I want to share a revolutionary process with you that will make meditation easy and enjoyable.

This free Online Seminar serves as the foundation for Panache’s course Living Breath Awareness.

Register below for Meditation Simplified and get ready to breathe in joy and breathe out stress!

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Living Breath Awareness

Nourish Your Body, Mind and Spirit Anywhere, Anytime.

Living Breath Awareness is a meditation practice that allows you to come back to center and experience inner peace on and off your meditation cushion. It’s a practice designed to help you liberate your authentic, loving, peaceful Self, not only in moments of stillness, but throughout your daily life.

Anyone can do this simple practice and the benefits are innumerable. Unlike many types of meditation, Living Breath Awareness works with your natural tendencies so that you can truly experience the freedom of simply being.

Discover how to…

  • Clear away mental clutter, not through willpower, focus or contemplation, but through acceptance and allowing…
  • Know that the thoughts that come up have a purpose… (They’re arising because you’re processing and letting go of pent up vibrational density.)…
  • Allow the mind to be as it is, without resistance or judgment, which makes for a far deeper experience that’s easy to maintain and feels enjoyable instead of feeling like a chore…
  • Explore who you are beyond your ego, raise your vibrational frequency and eventually, live your life in a permanently expanded, joyous and peaceful state…

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