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Free Online Seminar – Embodying the One Divine Power

Free Online Seminar
Embodying the One Divine Power

The divine is all that exists. It is the one power that exists in this universe. All creation, expansion and evolution come about because of this one power. When a tree grows, when an animal walks and eats, when you feel, think and act, it is all this one power moving life forward. It is your life force.

This power expresses itself in unlimited ways – the creation of the universe, the planets moving around the sun, electricity moving in a wire, a baby being born, anger, laughter, digestion and decomposition – every movement in the universe arises from the one divine power.

At times, you walk around feeling separate, feeling like you are a self-sustained entity being powered by the food you just ate for lunch. But the reality is that the food you just ate grew because of the power of the sun and the power of photosynthesis. The power to chew your food, to digest it, assimilate and eliminate it are all powered by this one power. The reality of this life is that there is only one divine power flowing through and energizing all movement – everything from the wind blowing to the grace that allows your enlightenment.

This free Online Seminar serves as the foundation for Panache’s course You are the One Divine Power.

In the Program You Are The One Divine Power, I will explain the 21 aspects of this one divine power and each day, I will activate an aspect of this power within you. The 21 Activations of Divine Creative Power have never before been given. This is a rare opportunity to activate, expand and establish you in the one power that is the source of all creation. 

Join me for this free Online Seminar and learn more about this groundbreaking program and how you can become established in the truth of who you are.

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You Are the One Divine Power

Activate the 21 Powers of Creation Within You

Experiencing universal energy – the divine power – in all things, connects you to the divine. Seeing how the one divine power expresses throughout the universe in a multitude of ways opens you to the unlimited expansiveness of God. Raising your vibrational frequency to the level of the one divine energy allows the realization of oneness.

Vibrational transformation is a process of raising the human vibrational frequency to the level of the divine frequency. Throughout the 21 day program, different expressions of the one divine energy will be activated and expanded within you, aligning you with the divine vibration. Join me and be taken through a systematic process of unfolding into unity consciousness – into oneness…

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