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Webcast Series: Gratitude: The Four Gifts That Will Shift Everything – 4 Part Series Bundle


Are you ready to live a deeply connected life and experience a profound transformation this year? Explore these four 60-minute livestreams and connect to the infinite power of gratitude so you will come to know the true gifts of the holiday season. In this 4-part livestream series, Panache shares the tools and vibrational support you need to practice gratitude, one of the greatest gifts you can give to the people in your life who mean the most.

Part 1:  The Gift of Listening: From Speaking to Listening  Have you ever been truly heard? When was the last time you gave someone your undivided attention? To listen is to love and when you listen, you are heard.

Part 2:  The Gift of Gratitude: From Taking for Granted to Being Grateful  What are you grateful for? Panache will reignites your full awareness of all the daily miracles happening in your life at any given moment that you may be taking for granted, allowing you to experience the transformational power of gratitude regardless of what’s going on around you.

Part 3:  The Gift of Yourself: From Thinking to Being  Give your loved ones the ultimate act of love—the gift of yourself for the very first time by giving up your expectations of who you think you are supposed to be, and simply being who you are.

Part 4:  The Gift of Time: From Rushing to Being Present  Activate all the gifts of gratitude, by giving the gift of your time. By accepting each and every moment as it unfolds with gratitude and by being present to the needs of others, you will experience what it means to be free.