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Having the Courage to Express Our Vulnerability

Sometimes what we’re missing is the courage to express our vulnerability. We’re unwilling to be vulnerable. Sometimes we’re hell bent on powering through things, needing to prove things, or needing to assert certain things in certain situations. At some point we have to embrace vulnerability, especially as empathic sensitive beings. This can be scary because you’ve put yourself out there before and you’ve articulated your fears and concerns only to be shut down or not be embraced or not be heard. And so I get that vulnerability is really hard. However, I’ve discovered that it’s the only way to truly make it.  

The more you begin to embrace vulnerability, the more your energy, frequency and your gifts expand. This takes being willing to be honest about how you’re doing it. Be willing to be honest about what you’re going through. The more you can be honest about what you’re dealing with and what you’re going through, the less of an issue it is.

Some of you are in this fixed idea that parts of you shouldn’t exist. This isn’t true because all you are is love. When you continue to invalidate yourself because of certain behaviors, certain emotions, then you deny your receiving. It’s okay to be angry and sad. It’s okay for you to have stuff going on in your body or what’s happening in your life, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean anything about you. It is not a commentary on who you really are. It is a temporary experience.

The disconnect is that you don’t value yourself enough to communicate in words what you need to say. It’s the difference between giving feedback and whining or complaining. Because in giving feedback, you’re in real time letting everybody know in your life how you feel, not that they did something wrong, it’s not about them. It’s not that it’s their fault. You’re just communicating how you feel. 

Allow every energy that is trapped in your heart, in your chest to be expressed fully and completely, no longer making yourself wrong for how you communicate. Just be grateful for the fact that you are no longer afraid of the messy nature of your communication. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of communication on a personal level, something greater begins to communicate through you. It’s time to advocate on behalf of yourself in a way that you never could as a child. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation.