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Holding the Space for Humanity

When you die, the infinite takes whatever form you need it to take for you, a form you can accept and embrace. In my book Discovering Your Soul Signature, I said that if God is infinite, then everybody is right because the Infinite, the formless, takes the form that you love in order to greet you, meet you and welcome you back into infinity. 

This is also true with people who are alive. For example, the infinite takes the form of a person or maybe the infinite has taken the form of all of us for the same reason. The form makes the potential accessible. Everything that is unfolding has to unfold through everyone of us. We are here to hold the space for humanity. 

From the moment I was born, people have wanted me to be the reincarnation of somebody or another. Primarily because I am Indian, and I have always refuted every label and every projection because I believe it’s not about a person, it’s about you, it’s about all of us. Here’s why: I’ve seen many a person throughout history fall into this trap, and in India it’s a very common trap. You begin to access a certain consciousness or state of being and then a label is put on it: “You must be a guru”, and the second label is “you must be an avatar or a reincarnation of some being.”

People make the mistake of identifying with the first label, and if they have a following that gets big enough, then that second label isn’t too far behind. What happens next, is that they get stuck because then they have to play that role for all of the people connected with them in that way. They become trapped in the role. This is true for every author, speaker, healer, every person who is out there in the world. People are approaching them with the lens of duality. 

The acceptance of those labels is the limitation of the expression. We have to be freed of all forms of projection and realize that as individuals, it’s up to us to reject them, no matter what happens. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation