Live Daily Support From Panache - Stop Simply Surviving and Begin to Thrive!

In Oneness Life Is How Your Are

The majority of you who have been with me on the Call to Calm Meditation every morning, are finally out of survival. Some of you left relationships with narcissists where they didn’t have anything to do with you, you were roommates with no intimacy, no connection. 

Through your recalibration to peace, you have begun to open up to receiving, to harmony and you are on your way to complete conscious manifestation of your reality. However, the key is to not get stuck along the way. 

Once you are out of survival, don’t jump on the first bus that comes along. Sometimes you have to wait for a manifestation to occur. And you need to have the capacity to delay your gratification. This means you have to stay true to who you are, know your value and powerfully advocate on behalf of yourself at all costs.

Some of you accept what comes along because you feel like you are a desert that hasn’t been rained on for a long time and so you are just grateful for the attention and the validation of who you are.  But while you are in this in-between stage, when people show up, they are not your final destination in life. We haven’t come this far to just settle. You don’t go through the upheaval of beginning your evolutionary journey to only stop half way. Get to clarity soon and faster. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.