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Balancing Your Higher and Lower Self - Panache Desai's June Soul Support

June Soul Support – 2017

Online Program
June Soul Support – 2017
Balancing Your Higher and Lower Self
Begins June 1, 2017

Integrate all aspects of your heart, mind and soul and access everlasting fulfillment and harmony.

You are whole. Division and separation are the illusions that keep peace at arms reach. It’s time to release the grip that these illusions hold over you. It’s time to come back to balance and integrate your energy on the level of your mind, body and soul.

Bring your higher and lower self into alignment. Let spirit whisper it’s truth and be heard. Allow your logical mind to be acknowledged and honor your body for the temple which sustains the miracle of life. Each element of who you is intimately connected.

Your ego doesn’t have to be at odds with your heart. When all that you are is balanced, bliss becomes available to you. Let your desire to manifest abundance reside in harmony with your vision of enlightened action. When the passion and drive of your lower chakras meet the insight and wisdom of your higher chakras, magic happens.

June Soul Support will empower you to:

  • Integrate your myriad of energetic expressions and bring yourself into dynamic balance…
  • Release the blocks keeping you from realizing your dreams…
  • Attune to the harmonic resonance inherent in all of creation and be guided to a state of peace and acceptance…

Find freedom from imbalance and move into trust, peace and contentment. Join me for a month of Soul Support and align with the truth of all that you are.

June Soul Support Programming:

  • One New 60-Minute Webcast: Becoming One with Yourself
  • Four 20-Minute Audio Recording Meditations to help lay the foundation for this month’s expansion.
  1. Balance Your Being from Root to Crown
  2. The Heart of Harmony: Tune In to Love
  3. Release the Blocks that Keep You From Balance
  4. Align with the Frequency of Connection
  • Deepening Vibrational Support Tool
  • Inspirational Mantra and Visual
  • Live 30-Minute Online Group Transcendence Session with Panache

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Soul Support delivers a progressive level of divine grace that empowers you to break free of your struggles and suffering while experiencing the power of vibrational expansion to move into greater levels of self-belief and self-love. Panache offers new online programs and materials each month so that you may access the support you need when it is most convenient for you.