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Life In Flow Is The Antithesis of Control

In our natural state of being, as we experience this light, love and this presence that we are, we are experiencing the flow. Life is moving through us but in life moving through us, it is the antithesis of control. We are not controlling anything, directing or limiting anything. 

What is it you still need to control? Real world examples include being afraid for your children so you control parenting, or some of you might have old financial narratives so you’ve been controlling in the area of money. Others have been controlling in relationships because you are afraid of being hurt.

We’ve been shown over and over again that we don’t have any control and never, in fact, had any control. So how do we continue exerting some level of control within our own beings when everything in our life is just doing whatever it’s doing? The answer is because you are afraid. 

Where there is fear, there is control. When there is fear, you are in your identity, a limitation, you are in a contracted vibrational space.

Energy is just energy. It’s not good, it’s not bad. There aren’t good emotions, and there aren’t bad emotions. There’s just energy and motion. We bring a conditioned lens to something that doesn’t require our interpretation. It plays out inside of you by you not allowing you to be who you are. You edit yourself and deny the movement of energy in your own being because you aspire to an ideal that is impossible to attain. 

Welcome the energy in motion that wants to flow through you. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.