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Life is Moving You Toward More Love

If everything is love and you are love, then what exactly about you is not loved? There are no excuses. Relax into the truth and you will begin to experience yourself in a different way. The state of connection that you’ve been trying to access your whole life has always been present within you. 

At some point, you just have to understand that you are doing it to yourself. That revelation can either be a relief or it can be a further point of frustration for you, depending on how responsible, accountable and willing you are to hearing the truth. That means there are some fundamental principles that are permeating reality. For some reason, we have been conditioned to believe, and we further reinforce that conditioning, to have us disconnect from these principles. 

You are love. Not some future version of you, not some past version of you but the version of you that you are right now. You are love. There isn’t some power, or some force, or some energy that wakes up every morning and thinks of innovative and new ways to mess with your feng shui. That is not happening. There is not some being that has a power over you, who’s waking up every morning that messes with your vatsu. That is not going on. 

There is only one thing happening here: you are love. In addition, life is moving you to more love. And that is the only thing that is going on. It’s time to recognize that your reality is actually supporting your evolution.

Wow! Think about how amazing this is. Your reality is supporting your evolution. There is nobody messing with you. Everything that is happening is supporting your evolution. The only question is, why are you not allowing that? Why do you not allow yourself to embrace the truth? At the deepest level of who you are, is love. 

Another question I have is why are you still in resistance to life’s events? Why are you fighting against what life is bringing into your life in every moment? What are you getting out of it? First of all, think about how boring it is, and how tired you feel everyday trying to prove that you are good enough. You are trying to overcome all of these perceived obstacles that you are facing because you believe that there is some energy that wakes up every morning and messes with you. After a while it just gets tiring. 

Today, I want you to put this into practice: I would like you to relax into yourself. Living breath awareness is a beautiful way to allow yourself to have that entry point into presence at every moment.