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Living Your Soul Signature

How will your challenges inspire you?

To live your soul signature means having the courage and clarity to live a life that is uniquely yours and reflects your greatest potential. This series of posts focuses on people who inspire me in the way they live their life and have found their most authentic expression.

Maria Shriver is living her soul signature.

“You can spend the rest of your life trying to figure out what other people expect from you, or you can make a decision to let that all go.” – Maria Shriver

Finding an authentic self as a member of a legendary American family cannot be easy. Much is bestowed, and much is expected. Maria Shriver certainly did not rest on the Kennedy laurels. Maria is a powerhouse by any standard – devoted mother, journalist, activist, bestselling author, Peabody and Emmy Award winner, former first lady of California, and film maker. Activism is in the Shriver DNA. Whether it’s her watchdog Shriver Report website, her journalism, or a new film, Maria’s always working to raise awareness and push boundaries to affect change. Her latest effort – the moving, compelling HBO documentary Paycheck to Paycheck – is already igniting national debate about the plight of working, single mothers struggling to get ahead. In addition, Maria is a champion of a number of causes dear to her and her family: Alzheimer’s Association, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, and Save the Children.

The challenges that Maria has had to face – and that played out in the public eye – she’s handled with strength and grace. I find Maria inspiring because to me she is living proof that the obstacles, challenges, even heartbreaks that life throws at us are not punishments. They are invitations to prioritize, realign, and reconnect with your soul signature.

I’ve had the honor of getting to know this remarkable woman and I can tell you that she is extraordinarily personable, generous, and genuine. There is no doubt that Maria Shriver is living her soul signature because so many people benefit from her passion and purpose. As far as I can tell, there is no end to her kindness.

Maria’s soul signature shines like a beacon of inspiration. She is a powerful example of how an authentic life full of love and compassion helps to light the way for others.