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Outgrowing Your Created Self

If you are currently grieving the loss of who you used to be, you need to know that you are not that person any more. When you can’t continue to have the same old conversations that you used to have, and you can’t continue to hang out with people that you really don’t resonate with, and you can’t continue to perpetuate situations or scenarios in your life that aren’t loving, you are outgrowing the created self. 

When you outgrow your created self and your identities, you begin to discover who you are beyond it all. There is a grieving process that happens as you begin to break free from the identity and the confines of the limited self. In this phase of transitioning away from the created self, it’s not that it needs to be healed, changed, fixed or improved, it’s just that you have outgrown it.  

The purpose of the ego is to keep you safe until you eventually get to a point in your conscious development where you outgrow its use. When you shift out of victimhood and evolve past the posture of empowerment, you begin to realize your life is as you are. That is Oneness. In that state of being there is no fear. Grace is at work in our lives. 

Sadness and depression may still linger in your heart and it’s important to access this sadness, this greif, this depression because ultimately, when we speak in terms of density, density is just different rates of vibration or emotions in the emotional scale on a vibrational level. Sadness, depression and grief is a very slow vibrational frequency and energy.  It’s not wrong or bad, it just needs our attention. 

Using the energy of Spring, build and create, imagine and innovate, redefine and redesign for yourself what it means to be a human being. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.