Live Daily Support From Panache - Stop Simply Surviving and Begin to Thrive!


Harness the Potential of Stress, Unlock Its Hidden Meaning, And Make It an Ally to Your Exponential Expansion.

It’s Time to Move from STRESSED TO BLESSED!

From Stressed to Blessed is a series created to guide you from breakdown to breakthrough. With innovative vibrational tools such as a targeted breakthrough session, frequency fixes, morning and nighttime practices, and dynamic dance tracks, you are empowered to meet life’s challenges and stresses from an entirely new perspective – one of exponential acceleration. Are you ready to transform your greatest struggles and stresses into blessings and a platform for your magnificence?

Track 1: Listen To Me First:  How To Use From Stressed To Blessed
Panache serves as your guide to ensure you make the most of this package. Take five minutes to understand why he created each of these tools and how best to use them.

Track 2: Breakthrough Session – Stress: Your Ally in Evolution

In this foundational hour Panache rocks your world as he shifts your awareness about the nature of stress. Dive into the vibrational truth of the role that stress plays in your life and how – if misinterpreted – can quickly turn into distress, the cause of vibrational density within your system. Receive greater levels of empowerment, vibrational expansion and the awareness and ability to transform and elevate your relationship with any aspect of your life that has you feeling drained, exhausted or burned out.

Track 3: Daily Harmonic Infusion

Wake up your energy, expand your vibration and stir up your magnificence as Panache inspires possibilities with this uplifting vibrational jumpstart and movement track to boost your energy, enhance your vitality, and elevate your potential to shift from anxiety and stress to experiencing the life of your dreams. As you invoke the highest vibrational qualities to anchor your day you will physically, emotionally and spiritually bust loose and feel the expansive difference.  This is like caffeine for the soul!

Track 4: Nighttime Distress Dissolver

At the end of a day filled with challenges or distresses, it’s difficult to reset yourself and drop into a space of peace and ease. A good night’s sleep is critical for optimal vibrational living so Panache has created a 30-minute soothing, vibrational sleep-aid to dissolve the day’s remaining disturbances and densities. Relax and be restored into a greater state of receptivity and well-being.

Tracks 5 and 6: Money Vibrational Reset – PLUS – Money Frequency Fix

Your birthright is limitless abundance which means having the money to live the life of your dreams. If your reality is showing up differently than something is keeping your financial flow at bay – and causing unmanageable stress.

Money Vibrational Reset
In this 30-minute Money Vibrational Reset, Panache recalibrates your vibrational frequency so that you can access limitless abundance. His innovative take on how to live a life of financial victory helps you navigate from where you are to where you would like to be. Are you ready to step into relationship with money so that you can receive all that the universe is just waiting to deliver?

Money Frequency Fix 
When your financial stress level feels like it is spiraling out of control, grab this 5-minute Money Frequency Fix. This tool was created to be used any time you need immediate and fast vibrational support. Panache provides a quick vibrational infusion and coaching to immediately help shift your financial worry into new behaviors and patterns that allow you to know and experience your infinite abundance and prosperity in physical reality.

Tracks 7 and 8: Career & Work Vibrational Reset – PLUS – Career & Work Frequency Fix

Career & Work Vibrational Reset
In this targeted 30-minute Career and Work Vibrational Reset, Panache offers vibrational support to help move you into greater levels of ease and excellence at work. When stress shows up, you are being offered an invitation to step through the threshold of your current situation. Whether you are surviving, maintaining or thriving in your current work situation this vibrational reset catapults you into even more of your potential and limitless possibilities.

Career and Work Frequency Fix
When the stressors of work are getting the best of you, reach for this 7-minute Career and Work Frequency Fix. This tool was created to be used any time you need immediate and fast vibrational support. Panache provides guidance and a vibrational infusion to help you transform whatever limitations or obstacles are unfolding in your career or at work. Use this tool to access the authenticity and magnificence that you are here to share.

BONUS Tracks 9 and 10: Dance Away the Distress: Density-Dissolving Intro Track – PLUS– Ganesha/AbundDance Music Track

Shake What the Divine Gave You and Kick Distress to the Curb!  

These two, fast-paced, high-energy and feel-great customized vibrational tools move stagnant and stuck energies out of your body leaving you feeling lighter, energized and ready to face your day. The first track is Panache’s invitation to crank up the music and dance away the distress.  Plus you receive the entire dynamic dance-track off of Panache’s CD, Dance Away Your Density: Mantra mash-Up. Get up and move. Shake out the stagnation. Elevate your vibration and return your body to its natural flowing state!