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The Fastest Path Back to Peace

I believe that we are at this point in our lives, having to have gone through everything we have gone through, everything we have experienced, so that we can meet what is unfolding at this moment peacefully. This is why you have done everything in your life as you have done. As we are, and as we are unfolding and moving forward, expanding into who the person we have come here to be, it is important to remember we have gone through the necessary preparation required, in order to access the love, the light, the presence that lives within us. 

So often, we feel like something is missing. We invalidate our journey, and we feel like we are not ready or equipped to meet life. What I want you to know is that you were born ready and equipped to meet life. This is your time. Everything that you have gone through, and everything that you have experienced has been in preparation for this very moment. Life isn’t always going to go the way you expect it to go, or the way you think it will go. As Spiritual Beings, acceptance is the fastest path back to peace. 

The more you are able to flow with what is happening, to embrace what’s unfolding, and not personalize it, and not make it about you, the more you are able to meet the moment fully and completely. Life is nothing more than a series of moments, each unfolding what is meant to be. The more you’re able to remain fluid, and to not go to stress, overwhelm, upset, or panic, and just stay centered, the more you are able to see and perceive all of the possibilities and all of the miracles that are unfolding on your behalf all of the time. 

Life, as we are moving forward, is an opportunity to let go of whatever it is that we believe could or should be happening. Some of us are stuck resisting the flow because we believe the flow is taking us in a direction that isn’t our highest direction. You need to know that that is impossible. You are floating down a river or stream that is guiding you through everything you need to go though to be able to express the totality of who you’ve come here to be. This is what life does. 

You can’t mess it up. You can’t do it wrong, you can’t get it wrong, there’s nothing to get right. It’s just a series of experiences in the moment that are unfolding for us to move us into deeper and deeper levels of surrendering. It’s time to meet yourself with peace, with compassion, with tenderness and with gentleness and to accept life the way that it is. 

Everything that is happening brings you into a deeper state of connection. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.