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The Need For Significance Leads To Suffering

Being around people with the need for significance is exhausting. Your need for significance isn’t bringing you anything other than suffering. You seek significance in different ways. Some of you may need me to notice you or you need others to pay attention and notice you. WHY? At some point you need to realize that the need for significance leads to suffering. 

Are you engaging in spiritual practices that fuel your need for significance? Are you trying to become more successful and trying to accumulate or attain more so that you feel significant?

That’s a game you can never win. It’s an egoic game. You are living in your own distortions and creating context that leads to your own suffering. When you realize there is nothing of value in significance you realize you are enough and you don’t need anyone to validate you, see you, or to stroke your ego. 

Until we question why we are doing things, there is no clarity. You have to question your own motivation. You have to question what you’re doing. You have to question yourself at some point. 

Significance leads to suffering. Everyone that has pursued the path of significance is suffering and it is very hard for them to acknowledge they are suffering because they have achieved all of the significance they would ever want. On an egoic level, they are great! But on a connection level . . . miserable. 

It is important that we get clear about why we are doing what we’re doing, and when is it ever enough?

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.