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The Pain of Emergence

Like a baby bird pecking at its restrictive shell, you too need to break through the limiting energy of fear – realizing that the armor that once served you is now holding you back. Your protective layer is confining the sheer force of love welling up inside you and as this energy builds, your authentic self can no longer be contained. As the last fragments of unconscious fear fall away, your soul is divinely unleashed and ready to fly.

The energy of your evolution is increasing to such a degree that it’s too uncomfortable not to be your authentic self. When pain and resistance are set free, your personality and spirit come into complete alignment. Authenticity becomes your moment-to-moment experience.
Your soul’s emergence is an opportunity for you to know yourself as love and divinity, and it’s now up to you as a conscious being to allow this process to unfold.
Your luminous soul is poised and ready to emerge. 

All you have to do is start pecking.

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