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Trust In the Perfection of the Design

Human beings in general have been convinced that they are not capable in one area or more than one area. That programming and conditioning began when you were born. You were born into a family, a religion, a spirituality, a way of living, a community where the messaging, you are incapable, was continually reinforced.

The first thing we have to remember is that God put us exactly where we are right now in our lives. For example, you might question your prowess as a parent but guess what, God gave you the blessing of being a parent, and your children chose you, end of suffering. You might be second guessing yourself at work . . . creativity, career calling. Well, God put you in that position. That’s where God needed you to be. God trusts you to be you in that situation which means you are perfectly capable of doing the job, executing a roll while thriving and flourishing in whatever capacity you chose to experience. 

God gave you all the money. So if you are fortunate to have a plenitude of abundance, God gave you that. And if God gave you the abundance, don’t you think that God gave it to someone who is able to manage their finances?

This might sound a bit weird but my belief doesn’t come from other human beings, my belief in myself comes from God. I never question where or why I am. This means that where I am, I am meant to be there. Once you begin to realize this, everything starts to become so easy because if you are no longer questioning where you are with your consciousness, and in reality, then you will no longer question anything else that follows. 

If God put you in position, it means that not only did God put you in position, but that you have everything you need to be in that position. In my own  life, as an example, I used to do speaker, author conferences. I would be able to hold keynotes without notes, pdf’s, etc., and allow everything to just flow through me. What allowed me to do that? I knew what allowed me to do that was the fact I knew who put me on that stage and why I was there. I have complete trust in the perfection of the design of my reality.

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.