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What Anger Does For You

Anger is a misunderstood emotion. You might think it’s good for nothing, that it’s a horrible feeling, and therefore when it comes up you feel the need to push it back down.

But what if your anger were actually trying to teach you something? And what if every time you pushed it back down it would come back even stronger than before?

When you shine the light of awareness on your anger, it can transform from a burden to a blessing.

In this video explore how you can feel your anger without unleashing it onto others and discover…

  • How ANGER is really just powerful energy in motion
  • How you can more effectively process anger when you’re triggered
  • Acceptance around your anger and let go of the judgements that angers brings up in you

You can let go of the idea that anger is wrong, that feeling angry makes you a bad or volatile person. You can release all the preconceived ideas you hold about anger and transmute that energy into a catalyst for greater self-awareness and discovery.

Watch the video below to learn how:


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What Anger Does For You

Hi Sweet Friends, I’m Panache Desai.

I’m a contemporary thought leader and Vibrational Catalyst and it has been my honor to be of service to individuals like you who are committed to living a life of health, peace, love and abundance.

Your anger scares you because you have been taught to reject it.

You’ve been conditioned in some way to repress or suppress it.

You have been made wrong because of it. Your anger is only overwhelming and scary to you to the degree to which you have been taught to stuff it. To the degree to which you have cultivated addictive tendencies, patterns and behaviors to avoid feeling it.

My sweet friends, the only way to be authentically empowered in life is to cultivate a neutrality around the experience of anger.

And I know many of you are like… well I don’t like it when I become volatile and that expresses in a very physical or verbal way that takes people out Panache.

Well I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because that’s all that’s ever been modeled to you it doesn’t mean that you have to perpetuate the unconscious cycle of anger in our world.

You can in those moments recognize the presence of anger in your body. Anger is such a powerful energy and the more we can simply relax in its presence, the more we begin to experience it going off within us almost like a volcano, it begins to arise from the core of our being and it begins to move through all that we are until eventually it just washes out.

My sweet friends when you end your resistance to your anger, you begin to consciously experience it and in doing so then you’re able to model how to consciously be angry to others.

It’s time to stop compartmentalizing your emotions.

It’s time to stop blaming your reality for what is incomplete within you.

If you authentically want to evolve and you authentically want to grow into more than you could ever imagine, then you must befriend your anger. You must have the courage to go beyond what you have been told and you must most importantly of all relax into the experience.

Recognizing that emotions are nothing more than energy in motion and anger when experienced in its height of intensity is nothing more than solidified or compressed anger that over time has become rage, when it is triggered within you stop, pause and feel.

When somebody says or does something outside of you that evokes the experience of anger, recognize that in that moment they are serving as a messenger. They’re acting as a catalyst for you and this is especially important because we live in a collective sea of unconscious information and a part of this unconscious expression is anger.

It quietly simmers under the surface of even the most calm and rational of individuals. It is for that reason that you must learn to accept anger, must learn to remove the judgement around it and simply be open to allowing anger to become your ally and companion on the path of evolution.

For most of you this is going to be the hardest thing of all. Transforming your relationship with that which you have avoided at all costs, but I want you to know that the avoiding of it doesn’t make it go away.

Blaming other people for it, doesn’t bring resolution. You’re here and you’re hearing these words because you now have the courage to tap into everything that is unconscious, to shine the light of your awareness on everything that is there and to simply feel whatever there is to feel.

Your anger doesn’t make you less of a human being.

It doesn’t make you evil. It doesn’t make you bad. It doesn’t make you wrong and all of those control mechanisms or constraints that have been placed over you are simply creating dissonance and discord within your body.

It is your unresolved anger and the heightened unresolved emotional content that you won’t allow yourself to feel that keeps you distanced from the love, the health, the peace and the abundance that you desire more than anything in this world.

So what if I were to tell you that your anger and your willingness to experience your anger determines the state of your health, determines the state of your relationships, your abundance and most importantly of all your connection to source.

Would you feel it then? If the end result of experiencing it was more love, if the end result of experiencing it was promotion and increase, if the end result of experiencing it was having an ageless body and a timeless mind, if the end result of experiencing your anger was peace, would you in moments where you were triggered simply relax into the experience knowing that you are being offered a blessing?

We must cultivate the courage to feel that which was once uncomfortable, because nothing should have that much power over you my sweet friends.

Take your power back today and simply relax into the heightened experience of anger as it arises and of course it’s going to arise in the unlikeliest of circumstances, a look from a stranger, traffic and somebody cutting you up or somebody riding your tail too closely, an inconvenience in a department store, an email or your children simply being rambunctious beings.

Something is going to trigger you.Something is going to open the doorway to completion for you today and when it does, fully accept the invitation to come back into harmony. Fully accept the invitation to feel the intensity of the heightened emotion that resides within you and know that anger isn’t wrong and it isn’t bad.

I love your anger. I love your rage. I love everything within you that you have been taught to judge, repress or suppress because you are beautiful and your anger is nothing more than an extension of your beauty. Embrace it.

Relax into it and know that in doing so you’ll be empowered to be free.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.