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What Does “You Are Enough” Mean?

“You are enough.”

That short phrase is one of the most powerful I can think of. So powerful that I used it as the title of my new book. Yet, I wonder if you’ve ever really thought about what it means to simply…be enough. 

Society places a great deal of importance on outward success – success in the form of possessions, a big bank balance, perfect relationships, glowing, radiant health, and a secure, high-paying job. Yet, even those that have outwardly achieved immense levels of success still feel as if there is something missing from their lives. They feel as if they ARE their possessions. Their profession is their identity. They depend on their bank balance for validation. 

These feelings of emptiness, dissatisfaction, and sadness occur because those external things can never take the place of your authentic self. In fact, all of the external trappings of success are actually examples of what “you are enough” does NOT mean.

You are far more than your external accomplishments, my dear friends. But from the moment you were born, you have been conditioned to be a unit of production. You’ve been separated from your emotions, been told that you’re too sensitive, that you shouldn’t become angry, that you have no reason to be sad. Your humanity has been denied and you learned that your worth is based on what you can provide. “Work hard!” they said and all will be well. In following that advice, your emotions were disregarded, and you were, essentially, mechanized.

We live in an age of consumption and not just of physical objects, but of information as well. This constant consumption reinforces the idea that a solution to all our problems lies outside of us somewhere. We look for external, surface level answers. We go to retreats, seminars, read books, seek out articles online, but nothing really changes. 

That’s because the solution isn’t external. It can’t be consumed because the real answer already lives inside every one of us. The time has come to discover our true intrinsic worth.

You have been conditioned to believe that you are the problem. You are not and never have been the problem. You are not broken. You do not need fixing. All you need to do is begin to look inside yourself and become empowered as your own solution. There is always an internal resolution for anything that’s happening in your life externally. This naturally occurs when you bring resonance and harmony to an area of dissonance where you have been conditioned to deny and reject an aspect of yourself.

You see, there is a multidimensional nature to life.  You are more than the roles that you play. You have the capacity to exist beyond what you have been told, beyond how you’ve been programmed, and beyond what you have been conditioned to see. You are more than a set of reactions. You are more than all of your possessions. You are more than your profession. You are, in fact,  pure being and pure potential. You are awareness and peace. You are love itself.

My friend, your inner experience determines your outer reality. When you begin to embrace whatever shows up inside you, you will begin to recognize that there is nothing wrong with you. You will begin to recognize that you are worthy simply because you exist. The truth is you are priceless. 

There is only one of you in all of creation. It took a miracle of biological processes to create this single-celled embryonic being and transform it into an utterly unique, multi-celled, multilayered, multidimensional version of who you are. Never question your value and don’t look to others to validate you. You are incredible, and you are here to live your journey, not someone else’s idea of what that journey should be. 

This internal anchor, this reconnection with your Essential Self, is how you begin to see the myriad possibilities that surround you every day. This is how you powerfully transform your life, the lives of those around you, and the world itself. This is how you begin to evolve into the fullness of who you are so that you can move from anxiety, depression, and insecurity into peace, love, and infinite potential. 

This is the true meaning of “You Are Enough”. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of discovery to reclaim the power of your most authentic self.

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