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Where Do You Go When You Can’t Handle Stress? You’re Not Alone VIDEO

In Panache Desai’s latest online series Dancing with Distraction, he empowers you to recognize how your patterns of distraction are distancing you from an authentic life as he vibrationally opens you to experiencing the density that keeps these patterns in place.

Where Do You Go When You Can’t Handle Stress? You’re Not Alone from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

When you can’t handle a painful situation, an uncomfortable confrontation, or just the everyday monotony of life, do you check out from reality into your private, perceived mental safety zone? Too often we actively avoid our anger, sadness and fear, flee from our feelings and cut ourselves off from our own authentic experience by running to our distraction of choice for comfort and solace. Food, alcohol, sex, shopping, the internet… even exercise and work can become alluring choices. One of the biggest culprits that keeps us mired in distraction is stress.

But there is a cycle of guilt and shame around our vices. They are illusory diversions at best. Our distractions keep us from experiencing the issues of life we don’t want to face. But rather than keeping us insulated, distractions actually separate us from our internal peace and happiness.

What is the place of vulnerability that you are avoiding? Where do you run when you just can’t handle the pressure, discomfort or discord and need to feel safe? Wherever you retreat, the time has come to embrace your magnificence and end your dance with distraction by courageously embracing difficult situations and emotions and breaking through to the freedom, empowerment and love you’ve always longed for.

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