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Your Are Enough -Acceptance

Acceptance allows energy to flow and supports the natural unfolding of life at a higher vibration, to a more evolved state and an expanded understanding.

To some of you, this kind of total acceptance sounds preposterous. Perhaps you are suffering in a loveless marriage, battling a chronic illness, enduring the daily torture of a soulless job, or drowning in debt with no viable opportunities for escape. Finding harmony within the limitations (internal or external) of your current frame-work can sound far-­fetched. But from the standpoint of vibrational transformation, the reason you remain where you are is that you are in resistance to your reality.

Generally, I’ve found that resistance manifests itself in people in two ways: attachment and aversion. Attachment is grasping at things and circumstances you believe will make you happy and end your suffering. Aversion is pushing away everything and everyone you believe is creating your unhappiness and suffering.

How do you escape from this utterly exhausting see-saw of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual ups and downs? Through the restoration of your connection to your Essential Self.

Only then can you begin to trust that every experience, no matter how challenging or difficult to embrace, is gently guiding you toward your highest expression, no matter how you see it in your limited perspective.

When you begin to accept who you are, you can recognize the blessing that is flooding your reality in each moment. In a framework of acceptance, everything you once believed you had to overcome,fix, or change becomes a vehicle through which divine grace is channeled into this world. You see that what you were resisting about yourself was actually providing you the doorway into a bright, new reality.

Nothing remains static. Circumstances change. Life evolves. But when we surrender our will and align with the will of the Divine, we are naturally brought into harmony with what is.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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